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Kimberley Shotokan Karate Club


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Basic Words
Mawate - Turn
Yame - Stop
hijama - begin
mo ichi do - once again
Jodan - Head level
Chudan - Stomach level
Gedan - Leg level

In order to learn count up to ninety-nine all you really need to know are the Japanese terms for the numbers 1 through 10 - after that it is just a matter of remembering to combine these numbers in a specific sequence to get the desired result.

One - Ichi (ee-chee)
Two - Ni (nee)
Three - San (sahn)
Four - Shi (she) also Yon (yoan)
Five - Go (go)
Six - Roku (roe-kuu)
Seven - Shichi (she-chee)
Eight - Hachi (hah-chee)
Nine - Ku (kuu)
Ten - Ju (juu)

Eleven - Ju Ichi (Juu - ee-chee)
Twelve - Ju Ni ( Juu - nee)
Thirteen - Ju San (Juu - sahn)
Fourteen - Ju Shi (Juu - she) also Yon (yoan)
Fifteen - Ju Go (Juu - go)
Sixteen - Ju Roku (Juu - roe-kuu)
Seventeen - Ju Shichi (Juu - she-chee)
Eighteen - Ju Hachi (Juu - hah-chee)
Nineteen - Ju Ku (Juu - kuu)
Twenty- Ni Ju (Nee - juu)

The number 100 is pronounced as "hyaku" so counting above 100 is basically just a matter of adding the word "hyaku" in the appropriate place and then following the same general principle for example the number 150 is pronounced as "hyaku-go-ju".

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