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Kimberley Shotokan Karate Club

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Ruth, Shodan

Ruth, began training at the Kimberley Shotokan Karate Club in early 1992, grading for her yellow belt by 24.09.1992. Since that time she has always been involved in Karate, achieving her Shodan Black belt, and then beginning to teach karate at the school where she worked.

Throughout her time training at the Kimberley Shotokan Karate Club she won numerous awards, winning the highest achievement, Top Student three times in a row. Ruth also won many best Kata awards as well as other trophies available in the club.

Pauline, 1st kyu. Sampai

Pauline, began her Karate training at the Kimberley Shotokan Karate Club in mid 1998, with her Daughter-in-law and grandchildren, 12 years later and she is the only one out of the family still training. Pauline has worked her way up the grades and recently passed her Shodan on the 18th of November after 12 years of training. 

A highly dedicated and valuable member of the club, acting as the aunty to many of the younger children but always tries hard in training, keeping up with all the other students in whatever they do.

Pauline was lucky enough to train with Kancho Kanazawa and his two sons on the farewell course in 2010. 

Angela, 1st kyu. Treasurer

Angela, has been training at the Kimberley Shotokan Karate Club since 1999.
Angela was lucky enough to take part in the farewell course with Kancho Kanazawa and his two sons in November 2010

John, Shodan. Shi Sensei

John, started training at the Kimberley Shotokan Karate Club in 1995, when he was only five years old. After training hard for 13 years he achieved the grade of Shodan in 2008.

Throughout his time at the club, he has been awarded some trophies, winning most frequently the Best Junior Kata trophies on 6 different years, and achieving the Top Student award five consecutive years between 2004 and 2008, along with two Student Student's awards, a few Best Senior Katas, the Most Improved trophy and Overall Attitude in 1996.

Sensei John has also been lucky enough to be able to train with Kancho Hirokazu Kanazawa on numerous occasions. The last time was at the farewell course with Kanazawa and his two sons.

Hayley, 1st kyu. Sampai

Hayley, first began along the path of martial arts in 1998, when she joined the Kimberley Shotokan Karate Club.

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